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Vendee Welcome To The

Welcome to the Vendee   Whether you are resident here,   on holiday or just browsing we   hope you find something of   interest, either on our web site   or by joining us on;

  Boggy’s Vendee Place

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Well you have probably read the brochures and guides and know all about the hundreds of kilometres of coastline. Everyone you have spoken to will have mentioned our own special micro climate, recommended restaurants to die for and you may have read something of our history; unique in the annals of French civil strife.

The web site and the forum are the places to start searching for answers to your question. The forum gives you the opportunity to exchange your views, ask questions, and perhaps start to understand why the Vendee is so special. But be prepared the forum gives as good as it gets!

On the web site we will try to look at different aspects of life in the Vendee and give you an introduction to the many contrasting areas which all lie within the department we know as the Vendee

So is the Vendee a place for holidays? Of course, that’s no secret, just ask the thousands of English, German, Dutch, Belgium and of course French holiday makers who descend every summer onto the beaches.

But the Vendee can offer so much more than beaches and hours taking in the sun. It is an area as diverse as any in France, ranging from the Northern extremity below Nantes and the Loire valley to the flat lands of the Marais in the south from the rolling hills of the Bocage in the East to the Atlantic in the west, each area holding its own secrets and its own attraction. And of course every local will tell you that his part of the Vendee is the best.

But best for what?

History we certainly have plenty of that. A Chateau or church perhaps, you can find more than the odd one or two. Vineyards, its said that per head of population Rosnay produces more wine than anywhere else in France. Beaches take your pick – secluded, active, rocky, sandy its just a matter of knowing where to look

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